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His Workers Series is legendary. Workers: Michael Close is truly a magician's Honed in 's of performances, this routine brings together the excitement and suspense of a Game Show with questions, prizes and mystery. It packs a full ten minutes of fun with audience participation and customization possibilities once you know the principles and routining that make this an award winning routine for any family audience. Imagine this: You walk up to your girlfriend and she's in a bad mood. You take out strawberry pack of gum and offer it to her. She says she doesn't like strawberry she wants mint flavor.

You then wave your hand over the pack and visually change it into mint gum. Give her a kiss and a gum. This is all close up, intimate magic, with very little preparation, props you can find in any home, no expense, no skillful sleight of hand needed. It is called 'Minute Magic' because it is ready in a minute, for use at a moment's notice. Tricks with pop corn, sugar, bread, olives, salt, pepper, string, money, paper, gold fish, etc.

Contains a complete survey of the various kinds of clip boards, how they work, and how to use them. Plus fifteen different routines involving clip boards. Also in this ebook is a separate mental routine, Kleen, which does not involve carbons, impressions, mirrors, chemicals, switches, gimmicks, envelopes. None of that, just an ordinary sheet of paper Every generation a magician comes along, whose intention is to record magic in an encyclopedic fashion.

Professor Hoffmann was the first in recorded history to attempt such a feat with his trilogy Modern Magic, More Magic, and Later Magic. Certainly many magic books have been published before him, mostly copying from each other. But none In this classic manual, the first Hugard wrote for people outside the inner circle of magic performers, he reveals the secrets of a host of mystifying tricks covering all major forms of close-up and stand-up magic: conjuring with coins, watches, rings, balls, eggs, silks, cigarettes, cigars, thimbles, flowers, ropes, bills, cards and mental magic.

What an excellent book. The quality of the material is outstanding. What makes this book particularly rare is a chapter on juggling and how to fake great juggle skills. I have yet to see another book on magic with such an extensive chapter on juggling. You will also find the obligatory chapter on shadowgraphy, a good write up of black art, and large To tell you the truth, I do not know much about the author, G.

But this shouldn't distract us from the contents of this neat little booklet. He describes how you can dye your own handkerchiefs. You will find some routines with handkerchiefs and two methods for the rising card - one for a stage and one for a parlor setting; two floating ball Stretching a handkerchief - taught to Blackstone, Sr. A simple but effective book test. Card to Pocket. A false cut. Phantom Diminishing Cards. By dividing the vast range of ebooks into genres, you can obtain exactly the type of material you are after. This is the second volume of the Hoffmann trilogy.

If you liked Modern Magic you will love More Magic. There is too much to list. Refer to the 'Table of Contents' below for details. Adrian Smith, historian, collector and owner of the largest private magic This ebook, only the second book ever written on the subject, explains magic effects with a Masonic theme.

The 3rd and final installment of this series, volume three contains great magic from Scott's early books Great Scott! And Magishing My Way. This is stuff Scott has been making a living with for over a decade! No filler here! For several years Aldo had a column in the Linking Ring magazine. At the time Phil Willmarth was the editor and he was so kind and open minded enough that he basically let Aldo make fun of everything and everyone. The columns not only contained some good magic but Aldo was able to include some funny stuff as well. Also, between tricks and gags This is the sequel of underground magician, Paul Lelekis' last e-book - My Favorites.

Not only does Paul provide 8 more winning routines, but in addition we include three videos of Paul performing the following:. Harlan's greatest hits with previously unreleased material. A handpicked collection of the highest quality original magic that has defined Harlan's incredible career. It's a long, strange trip through a creative mind filled with cards, coins, ropes, rubber bands and processed cheese.

So, turn the pages to discover how a legendary magical genius thinks. Here is a lively mix of 25 effects using cards, silks, cigarettes, matches and more, directly from Solyl's professional repertoire. With this ebook Dan shares a wealth of experience, thoughts and tips with you. It splits into four sections:. Check out the preview of this ebook. Behold the secrets of the world's greatest conjurer! Stretch handkerchiefs!

Bend spoons! Until his untimely death on stage in , the Amazing Mr. Mysterio was one of the world's most celebrated magicians - a brilliant showman who rivaled Harry Houdini and Howard Thurston with his astonishing performances. And now, with the publication of A collection of close-up and platform effects including split fan productions, an eight coin production, a simplified version of Slydini's ball and cone, Kosky's dice and The Chimp.

Jim Coles, who is the author of the best selling PK Revolution, describes in this ebook four stunning routines with cards, coins and cigarettes. Mirror Image Showing his hands to be unmistakably empty, the performer displays a small mirror and a half dollar. Holding the half dollar above the mirror, he tilts the mirror forward, making Massey was the inventor of many mechanical magic tricks that have become part of the routines of modern magicians.

Probably his most successful invention was the Finger Guillotine, which he sold to Max Holden. More than thirty of his tricks are explained in this beautiful and scarce publication. There are 26 mechanical gems described and explained Again Mr. Parrish has presented thirty "tricks" that can be performed without elaborate equipment, and with no more skill than the average person can muster. It's all in practice and in knowing how to distract the audience, Mr.

Parrish says, and he demonstrates Find out what has the top names in magic interested in Daniel Garcia's mind. This set of notes contains Here is a manuscript obviously born out of Dave Arch's fascination with the Circus Sideshow genre. He has collected twenty sideshow attractions that he has presented from pure bluff to minimum skill, commissioned an artist to create a poster for each act and assembled it all into a 30 page manuscript.

The attractions in this manuscript can be performed This ebook is almost an encyclopedia of Indian, Chinese and Japanese magic. It consists of two parts. The first part is an index, reference and bibliography compiled by Sam Sharpe. The second part, researched and written by Will Ayling, describes all effects from Sharpe's index. You will learn about fantastic effects such as buried alive, sword You do not require a table to perform these routines.

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From this material you can create two complete acts. You remove cards one at a time until a spectator says This is Martin's continuation of After the Dessert with more impromptu tricks you can do at the lunch or dinner table. You will learn tricks with sugar cubes, silverware, paper matches, napkins, cigars, cigarettes, coins and glasses. There is also a section on folding money. One unique feature of this particular ebook is that all line drawings This superb ebook is packed with ideas and routines from Patrick Page one of the most knowledgeable professional magicians.

Imagine producing real beer in an empty can - close-up! Or learn a routine for the transparent Chop Cup. Plus rope routines, card moves and effects and lots more, including Pat's Princess Quatro Card Trick. Everything is beautifully Of all the effects Devin has released over the years, this is one of his all time favorites. The effect is totally unique and original. It never fails to create much after talk with any audience. This is one effect that you will really use. Unlike many effects you buy, this one will not end up in your drawer unused. Devin uses this in almost every public After Rosini's death, Frederick Braue wrote in the February, issue of Hugard's Magic Monthly, "What a book Rosini could have written - and now his knowledge of audiences is lost.

Others, take note. He planned on writing one, but his dream was never The Perpetuity Tube is a perfect follow up for one of Ron's other ebooks called Bill Burner because it uses an objects that's logical to have with a lighter a small cigar tube. In other words it's a perfect place for the vanished bill to magically and visually travel into. But that's not all you can do with these little tubes This is a wonderful and extremely rare book. But it is not just its rarity which is so fascinating, it is its contents. This is a great magic book. Many outstanding tricks are taught.

I found new routines and new principles I haven't seen and read anywhere But this should not inhibit your comprehension. There are many photos which support the explanations. The ring magically penetrates the rope several times and finally ends up knotted This Spectator must memorize their order. The signed business card is given to another Spectator. The Performer suddenly "hypnotizes" the first Spectator by clapping his hands for It was the first book to explain exactly how the leading magicians of the day in France performed their most prized effects.

Sam Sharpe translated it to English and Wilf Huggins added a couple of clarifying illustrations. This ebook is filled with intriguing The very commercial routines of one of our top performers. These pages bring you his close up tricks with cards, balls, coins, ball point pen, pins, flash string, a lump of coal All three Punx ebooks for one low price. Learn magic as theatre from the master who created this style of magic Roy Johnson had a wonderful clean and simple style, often mixed with unique methods.

Roy always applied his own mind, even to classic effects, and thus you are getting here the Roy Johnson treatment. Swallowing the razor blades is a classic routine of magic. In this two video pack Ian shares everything about the routine that he has used on stage and on the streets all over the world for almost twenty years. Nothing is held back as you see clips from several different live performances to illustrate what is being taught. This is a full professional A reel is a very powerful stage and parlor tool. In its miniature versions it can even be used in close-up environments.

It is small enough that it can be easily palmed, but powerful enough to pull silks, cords and other items in a fraction of a second. It is like an invisible hand This is a collection of romantic themed magic that can be performed at weddings, on valentine day or close-up at restaurants and bars to couples on a date. Many of the effects are suitable for parlour, as well as close-up and there are multiple live performances for all the tricks, filmed at Illusions Magic Bar before a full explanation. More romantic themed magic that can be performed at weddings, on valentine day or close-up at restaurants and bars to couples on a date.

Gamble with my Heart My Seven effects from Paul's professional act with magic ranging from stage, close-up to parlor effects for the real world magician. The effects include. The final book of the Routined Manipulation series. Click here for Part 1 and Part 2.

More great hand magic for both close up and stage by some of the greatest magicians of all times. Three glasses suspend from a clear sheet of plexiglass. Everything is examinable. This was This in combination with Routined Manipulation Part Two and Routined Manipulation Finale is one of the best magic books ever published.

Each routine is clearly explained mostly with photos and some illustrations. Many classic effects are described in detail. And the essay "Presentation of Manipulation" is a must read for any magician. This is the second part of the masterfully written classic work on magic. The effects taught are suitable from stage and parlor to intimate settings of close-up magic. This volume has a large section on billiard Most likely you have never heard about this magic course. When I think about a 'magic gem' I have these 25 volumes in mind.

This course could be called the 'British Tarbell Course' and in many respects it is much better than the Tarbell Course. It came out around the same time Tarbell issued his course and it had the same intent, to take a novice, This ebook describes easy to do but effective tricks covering a wide range including feats of mentalism, tricks with paper and parts of your body. John Scarne shows in this ebook how magic that is completely mystifying to the spectator can be as simple as ABC for the performer. From his own immense Grant to some of the classics of Malini, Leipzig, Vernon, Jarrow and others.

Grant uses only one page to describe each effect and method. This book is therefore to some degree a disappointment. Nevertheless I think Martin Breese was able to purchase the full rights to the tape. It is now available as a video download. The material on this download DVD consists of demonstrations and explanations of the following effects:.

Make coins appear or disappear; matchsticks jump into the air; classic cups and balls; more. Released to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Club founded in , this ebook contains contributions from the lecturers and speakers who presented at the club during the season.

Material varies from simple to advanced, impromptu, close-up, mentalism and stage Seventeen Secrets Volume 2 includes a mixture of close up and stand-up, magic and mentalism with cards, money, cell phones and markers as well as previously unpublished stories from the road. The material is suitable for formal and impromptu performances and covers a range This famous Canadian performer and author was guest of honor at the Collector's Weekend. To honor him, this booklet of his early, unpublished material was made into a 36 page booklet. Besides fifteen Lorraine tricks and a section of miscellaneous gags, the booklet contains photos and a reproduction of the Berlinski poster made special for the occasion.

Showing a fork and a spoon you mix them, undercover of your hands, then ask someone to guess which is the fork. They guess and are either correct or wrong. You clearly place the spoon in your breast pocket, with the handle protruding. Suddenly, the fork in your hand becomes the spoon! The spoon in This could very well be Val Andrew's most important work. He describes with several great examples and historical effects, how one can entertain and amaze employing nothing but simple audacious ruses or outright bluffs. If there is a showman in you, you will love these effects and ideas.

If you rather rely on your bottom deal and classic pass, then you Tenkai was a legendary magician from Japan. As his gift for achieving the 'living legend' status in Japan he asked to meet Dai Vernon - which he did, but that is a story for another time. In this manuscript Robert Parrish describes several wonderful effects created by Tenkai.

All illustrations are drawn by Tenkai himself. This is an all time classic with 57 beautiful illustrations. It is one of the most complete books written on magic, because it teaches both stage and close-up magic cards, coins, silks, cups and balls, etc. Covers every significant aspect - from palming to clairvoyance, vanishing and producing an object, etc. Explains hundreds of astonishing tricks - with coins, cups and balls, handkerchiefs, cards, more.

The performer displays a small stack of cards showing an illustration of a glass full of red wine, the glass still has a price tag attached to its stem. The performer takes the card and visibly squeezes wine from the card into a small glass. The card is now shown Magic, sleights, humor, opinion, history, presentation, theories, reviews, cartoons, advice, laughs, observations, ramblings, tricks, tricks, tricks, Well, it's Cameron Francis to the rescue as he presents 8 stunning routines with business cards, coins, coin holders, sugar packets and matchboxes.

That's right, no playing cards! Just practical, astonishing, real world effects using Soumya Deb is one of the most prolific magic ideas-men it has been Sam Dalal's privilege to come across. Sam has been inundated by contributions from him. He has regularly sent several contributions for every Electro Fun Update, although space and the requirements of variety restrict the publication to a small fraction of his ideas.

Martin Breese asked Stephen Tucker the creator of the magazine to choose four of the best tricks that he created for the magazine and he has selected four wonderful effects. Each is performed and then clearly explained move by move. Lelekis provides workers with five very strong, full routines that can be used in any performer's repertoire. These routines are strong openers and powerful closers. This e-book begins with a Prologue called Consistency of Action. This section is a "how-to" guide for making your magic more professional - very important stuff. Patter and many Magic for stand-up and walk-around performers with effects that do not require a table.

Fifteen routines with cards, coins, rubber bands, sponge balls, rope, finger rings, bills, jumbo cards and even a carpenters ruler! In this set of notes you will find several tricks and routines that have served Aldo well during the last few years as a stand-up performer. In fact, the tricks explained here can all be done standing up as no table is required and are great for walk around or strolling magic.

Done this way you simply use the hands of the spectators to help you. Dan Harlan's original, charming, impromptu routine finally available to you as an instant download. Own the original manuscript detailing the performance and handling of this beautiful effect using only a simple paper napkin to charm audiences of all ages.

This is a professional, reputation-making miracle you can perform anywhere This is currently the most complete and thorough work on the use of Frixion pens heat sensitive ink in magic. At first glance, Stone Frixion Fire plumbs the depths of what can be accomplished with these ingenious pens to entertain your audience.

But it goes farther: it cultivates directions in which these pens can take your performing. The effects By daring to write a booklet on the subject of stooges, I realize that I am liable to cause a great deal of heated discussion among magicians all over the world. No magician deplores the use of stooges more than one who has never used them! That same magician will, nevertheless, often rely upon the use of a faked deck of cards Stuff is a beautifully designed and produced book now available as ebook of top quality magic and contains detailed descriptions of several marketed props and routines.

Eric Mason was not only a brilliant inventor and magician; Inspired by a recent internet challenge, Ben Harris has "Le Pauled" the regular baggie! This creates a clever and practical alternative to the traditional Card In Wallet plot. Harris needed an oddity that would contrast his card work. Some visual and aural distraction.

TacTics was the answer. The item was quite popular and did end up in an issue of Genii. Here is the original manuscript, re-edited and with clear photos Take a Chance is a collection of five entertaining and unusual magical routines all based around the Monopoly board game.

Lucky or Not After you and the spectators mix the Community Chest cards you can decide who is going to be lucky and who will be unlucky. In the Money The spectator has a free choice of any property on the board Magic for everyone: Close-up, parlor and stage. Rachel and Aldo Colombini are performing and explaining the following routines:.

One is selected and it becomes free or vice versa! The Tarbell Course is without a doubt the most comprehensive and most encompassing magic literary work in existance today. It has almost pages and nearly illustrations. It covers practically every form of magic: sleight of hand with cards, coins, thimbles, cigarettes, silks, ropes, It goes beyond the mere After Tarbell finished his 60 lesson Tarbell Course he decided to continue with post-graduate lessons.

The name post-graduate stems from the fact that Tarbell sent out graduation diplomas for all who followed along his 60 lesson course. To my knowledge he only published one such post-graduate lesson. If you know about more such lessons I would For me this was what I was waiting for in this type of effect. TC knows how to entertain and shares these secrets with you in his series, while Funny and Magical! Even more rarely does he also include his pet original comedy lines and This routine has served TC very well for years.

It was a major part of both his restaurant work and his Close-up show at the Magic Castle, for which he was nominated Close-up Magician of the Year. Fantastic routine, so much magic with This ebook does not just include some of TC's favorite routines with the classic Out To Lunch principle, but also a new handling! First published in in "Lunch is Served"; 1st digital edition ; 19 pages Ten routines, half close up, half stand up and like most of Chris's material it is easy to do and suitable for beginners.

The effects here share a common thread, they each have a little mental twist there are a number of predictions for instance. Charles Jordan was an excellent and very innovative magician. He collected in this booklet tricks with balls, ring and rope, thimbles, a book mystery and more. Ervin and Louis C. It includes some of the most popular effects formerly marketed singly by Jordan. Several of the conventioneers who attended the 7th Symposium said they thought it was the best yet! So you know that the quality of the contributors to the 7th Symposium ebook are top rate.

This is the ebook released to coincide with the 8th Symposium which took place in April at Bath University and it features the magic of those taking part on the day. Here is a breakdown of the contents:. This is the ebook released to coincide with the 9th Symposium which took place in April at Bath University and it features the magic of those taking part on the day. One is an elegant version of the broken and restored cigarette. The other is a thought provoking article on how For more than a generation The Amateur Magician's Handbook has been the acknowledged classic text for conjurers, both beginners and advanced.

Even David Copperfield recommended it during one of his TV specials. Literally thousands of magicians Probably the greatest collection of close-up tricks ever assembled. And no card tricks are included in this first volume. It is so important not only because of its size see the humongous table of contents below and quality, but because the author has gone beyond the mere explanations of tricks and routines. The opening chapter, 'The Presentation of The second volume continues with more than 60 outstanding close-up routines from the best names in magic.

Jones writing in Genii. The collaboration of T. Nelson Downs and John Northern Hilliard produced this wonderful book. Downs was the first to introduce an act with small objects onto the vaudeville stage. He was most famous for his coin manipulation, and in particular for his version of the "Miser's Dream".

The Art of Magic covers sleights with cards, coins, and balls, and Indispensable ebook for magicians, containing many methods and sleights not found in other standard books. The Art of Magical Entertainment is an e-book with six beautiful routines Included is a video of Dan performing this routine for a live audience. Paul also provides a detailed and rich history of the Egg Bag. Today we have the Masked Magician exposing magic secrets. Eighty years ago it probably was done by writing a book without the author's name given.

I do not know if this book falls in the category 'exposure'. It certainly is a book which clearly reveals a lot of interesting tricks. One is the bullet catch. It has nearly excellent photographs. Just to make this crystal clear, depending on when you join you will get more or less ebooks.

The earlier you are joining the more installments you will get. You get the 10 listed above plus everything that will be released from the time you have joined. How often have you watched a conjurer perform what looks like a miracle and asked yourself, "How on earth is that done? Written by a Gold Medal member of the Inner Magic Circle, it explains in minute detail exactly how all A collection of 21 columns Ali Bongo wrote for Abracadabra magazine.

The column was called "Backsheesh" and teaches mostly comedic parlor and stage effects. This is a compilation of magic newsletters by the same name that Gregg wrote, illustrated, and published in and Mentalism Q. While Aldo can do some of the hardest moves, he has developed a unique style of strong magic with little sleight-of-hand. The kind that is entertaining to watch and fun to perform. None of the material is At the height of his success, Bert was the most celebrated close up performer and highest paid cafe entertainer.

These are the tricks he made famous. Edited by Bob Parrish, illustrated by Howard Bamman. Alberto Sitta specializes in commercial magic that you can use in your stage, cabaret and close-up shows. His Leopard Silk is perhaps his most famous effect and has been performed and copied by magicians all over the world.

In this ebook Alberto reveals more of the mysteries that have gained him a reputation as one of Italy's most creative performers. Wolfgang is certainly South Africas most experienced and talented magician and has had several of his own major TV shows broadcast on South African TV. Whilst cruising the world with numerous cruise ships he visited countless countries.

Wolfgang lived in the UK for a while and performed there at a lot of functions before he decided to return to South Great e-book and I will be using this one for definite! The column was called "The Continental" and thanks to editor Stephen Tucker, Cameron is now able to offer you all 12 effects in I was lucky that I stumbled across this book very early on in my magic development.

It had a huge impact on how I approached magic and how I think today about magic. The introductory chapter "The Vernon Touch" should be mandatory reading for every magician. I would go Reginald Scot intended his Discoverie of Witchcraft as a sensible argument disputing the existence of witches. It also features a small section on magic. The magic section starts with Booke 13 and Chapter You will find rich full accounts of charges against witches, witch trials and practice of the black arts.

Further, interviews with convicted This book is part biographical, a history of Lewis Ganson - one of the most prolific authors of magic, and a lot of wonderful magic. It is written in Ganson's usual well-written, well-articulated style. Some of the card effects require a stack or little setup. There are more than 60 card effects to explore which most of them are explained in vivid details and fully illustrated.

Peter also covered some useful and convinving card moves, controls, false cuts as well. This book covered quite a number of spelling card effects, some are very interesting number principle, predictions, card sandwich, Ace-Productions and etc. The effect is a real miracle and this miracle seems like quite similar to Dean Dill's "Blizzard Deck".

'Immediate Ace Spelling from False Deals Project' PERFORMED (Bigblindmedia-BBM125)

You will like to check out "Vanished or Gone" effect which many claimed that this effect alone worth the price of this book. In a nutshell, if you are a magician that does not have ample time in practising and would like to show off a few great card effects in no time, then get this book.

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I highly recommended this book. Card Secrets Unlocked - My Review. Card Secrets Unlocked is an excellent ebook. There are more than 20 card effects and fully illustrated. Majority of the card effects can be done without the need to special set-up the deck and some required set-up in advance. There are a few card effects require to use the Faro Shuffle, Himber Wallet, business cards, glass tumbler, etc. All in all, there are many great card effects in this collection. For those of you that favourite stack deck routine, perhaps this might interest you.

Below are some of my favourites: Crystal Clear Transpo A wonderful little effect and one of my favourites. For those of you card transposition lovers, I am sure you will like this. It's very simple and very eye appealing. There is no duplicate card used in this effect. In this version, believe it or not, there is no heavy card sleights used and it's just self-working.

It's in the Stars This effect is quite strong and I love this effect. There is no setup and you are able to find two spectators' thought of cards in an amazing manner. The Problem with Hofzinser I like Hofzinser's Ace Problem and in this version, it's very easy to perform and this effect is just sounds great.

There is a bonus section and Peter providea his great effect "Miracle Thot" for free which marketed in the 's. It's a great effect I would say.

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Thursday, November 20, Flooded Zone. Yesterday after my class, while I was driving home, the weather changed suddenly. It was a dark and gloomy evening. And that time, I faced with a heavy downpour and my exodus was kind of difficult. It was my second time to face with this kind of shock. I think the reason of having a heavy downpour recently was due to quite a number of days I saw the clouds were very dark and didn't rain for days.

I would say a horrible experience to us. At that time, when I was trying to brake my car, the brake function couldn't function properly due to the slippery of the road and I really hope in the future, this event won't occur again. Saturday, November 15, My Contributions. Some people are asking me, what are my favourite card effects that I normally perform? It's kind of difficult to say because sometimes, while reading and watching some other awesome magicians' stuffs, I may somehow use them in my act which depend whether the effects or routines suit my style or not.

I contributed a total of three card magic effects to "The Linking Ring" magazines, which you can find under the "Card Corner" column. Due to the secrecy of magic, I can't tip out or scan the pages for you but I have somewhat scanned and combined them as a sample which is shown in the photo. If you have the chance, check them out as the effects had served me well over the years and I regard them as "workers". Both the card effects are impromptu which means that you can perform the card magic anytime and anywhere without the need to prepare anything in advance.

There are no special setup of the deck or special gimmicks too. All you need is a borrowed deck and you do wonders. My card magic is specially catered to that kind of category, direct and effective to laypeople without the need to do any preparation. Labels: Magic Publications. Fried Rice. This morning, I fried rice with long beans, chicken balls, carrots, and eggs. It was a simple breakfast though.

As the food in Subang Jaya is quite expensive, so we think it would be a great idea to prepare our home food. I find that prepare own food is more economical and hygienic. My girlfriend helped me to prepare all the essential ingredients and I was the cook. It's very easy to fry rice and does not consume a lot of your time. We will treat today's fried rice as our breakfast and lunch. I thought of cooking other dishes but due to time constraints, we decide to cook other food next week.

I look forward to cooking stew chicken with carrots, potatoes, bean curd, mushrooms and baby corn. It may take quite some time to cook this dish but hopefully next week, I would be able to prepare this special dish.

Magic Tricks

Japanese Ice Dessert. Let me share with you a truly nice dessert which my girlfriend and I we tried that day. Their dessert I believed is made from Japan. When we first arrived, that shop is somewhat looked like a 7-Eleven shop. Upon entering the shop, we saw many products that being sold but majority of them were Japanese products which range from scissors, plastic pencil holder, bags, chopsticks, soups, candies, snacks and many more. I guess for those of you who love Japanese products, it may be worth to drop by and see a few things that being offered there.

So, back to our dessert topic again, my girlfriend chose mango and I as always chose green tea. The dessert is made from purely fine ice and I find that, it's not so sweet and the taste is fantastic. Normally, when we eat ice-kacang or ABCs, you will find that the ice is not smooth. It is ideal to eat ice dessert especially hot days and so it happened that day was a raining day. I really couldn't resist the temptation so I suggested to have a try that day. It's worth a try and the price is quite reasonable too. Labels: Yummy My First Experience in Japanese Food.

Let me share with you a rather silly experience that I ate Japanese Sushi first time in my life on 11 October and also bought Dunkin Donuts too at Sunway Pyramid. We bought some chocolate-coated, green tea, blueberry and green-lime flavoured donuts as shown in the photo. My girlfriend and I, both of us are "Donuts-Freak" and if you haven't try before, maybe you should get a try. I heard in Melaka, there is a nice donut shop which is located at Dahtaran Pahlawan.

I can't remember the name of that shop but I heard some people say that the donuts are very nice too. I think one fine day I will drop by that donut shop. Andrew Loh's Bibliography. Labels: My Bibliography. My "Friction Burnt" card effect has been in my repertoire for years and each time when I do my act at a party, corporate events or for strangers, I usually will perform "Friction Burnt" as my all-time favourite opener.

The effect is very direct and easy to do. It's not a requirement for you to break your precious fingers in order to perform this visual and highly entertaining piece of card magic. The plot is very simple, you tell a story during your schooling life, your science teacher taught you an interesting topic that is related to friction in which when an object say a ruler is rubbed, it creates a static electric on the surface of that ruler.

When you put this ruler near to a strip of paper, it will stick onto the ruler and that's my kind of effect. You ask the spectator to initial a freely selected card in a red deck, you tell the story as mentioned above in which you rub your hand onto a colour material say blue and you cause sensation by applying that static energy onto their freely signed card, they can see their red-backed card visually changes to a blue-backed card. The best part of this effect is at the end, they will remember your magic and the spectator can keep that card as a souvenir. I am still selling this effect which only available exclusively at my online magic shop which you can't get elsewhere.

Drop me an email if you are interested to make an order. Labels: Announcement. The Art of Illustrations. It has been my great pleasure to be in the art of magic for the past 16 years. I learned many things throughout the years and the best thing I learned in my life are to be able to create some of my own unique ways or ideas in card magic and drawing illustrations in my own work. I think it's somewhat to retain the classic "feelings" and the professional look. I am not saying that colour photographs are not good, it's just my personal preference though I like to read magic books or ebooks that have the colour photographs too.

I would like to say, well, it has its own pro and cons. You need to purchase essential devices that support your work and the proper software. Magic News, Magic Videos and Podcasts

But, the final output is, you will feel rejoice after you complete everything. It's just like you feel you have done something that is worth doing in the first place. And do you believe me? You won't say tired or exhausted if magic is your blood or soul in you. I will keep the momentum going and magic has been part of my inferno for all over the years. Well, I would like to share an amazing true story today How about I put this way, a Hollywood's flying car effects? No, I maybe exaggerate quite a bit but actually today, this afternoon while I was driving to school, I saw there were two cars they seemed to be racing on the road.

Both drivers I should say, they drove in a reckless manner and could harm other drivers. I should put at as people's life would be at stake. I just couldn't believe with my own eyes witnessing somewhat like a Hollywood's video camera tricks. I saw the lady, open her window shield and finger-pointing the other driver perhaps to call him stop the car. I believe they seemed to be involved in a fighting or quarrelling and perhaps they are husband and wife? Well, I really have no idea but they really performed a truly outstanding show today. They overtook with each other and truly dangerous in the middle of the highway.

I think other drivers were facing the same trauma like me today. I just don't know how to explain that kind of fear while you are facing that kind of scene. Are they crazy? Is it a stunt? You be the judge, ok? I just wish that I won't meet this kind of scene in the future. It was a heart-throbbing experience for me today. I also hope that you won't meet this kind of incident while you are driving on the road. Sunday, November 9, Time Constraints. Things are pretty hectic recently with my personal study and business. Yet, I am still able to juggle between my time to pursue my magic.

Recently I am not so much in reading magic books but I just hope that after completing my thesis and assignments, I would be backed on track again. If I have the chance, I guess I will go through or explore the card principles which I have been enamoured the idea quite long ago. From time to time, I will contribute or review some of the magic stuffs or books that I did in the past for the benefit to the magic fraternity. I remember I got this book a few years ago and I really like some of the interesting ideas from Euan.

The materials are not difficult to do and this book also includes "Utility Sleights" which I find interesting. This booklet is comb-bound and the size is a small thin booklet. Effects such as "Return to Sender", "Twisted Assembly", "Thanks to Walton" and a few others, are very nice effects and you may combine the mentioned above effects into a solid routine. I think the materials would play very well to laymen too. If you have the opportunity, hope you are able to secure a copy of this book which I highly recommended. This morning while I was toying my deck, I came up an effect which is a card sandwich effect.

Sounds boring? Well, I am not really sure how it goes to magician but I think it will go very well to layman. This effect is not just a basic card sandwich effect but it applies to many wonderful ideas which depends on your creativity as well. Believe me or not, you can perform this effect with the card fusion concept. The plot is spectator's selection is placed in the centre of the deck and somehow the two mates which previously are placed one on top and the other on the bottom of the deck; they seem vanish one at a time and at the end, they sandwich the spectator's selection.

When the spectator's selection is turned over, on its back, it bears a message or to have its back change colour. Or if you prefer, you can present the selection as your business card to the spectator which anything is possible. It is a wonderful souvenir which at the same time to promote yourself. If I have the time, I will write this effect and publish as an ebook or otherwise, I will keep this effect for myself. Nick Trost's Subtle Card Miracles book is an excellent book. This book covers lots of wonderful stuffs.

Some readers might claim that the materials are awfully boring but really contradict to my own beliefs. Although this book is not as good as the previous "The Card Magic of Nick Trost", but there are quite a number of wonderful items. The only similar attributes you can find in this book and "The Card Magic of Nick Trost" are the sleights section where the author provides detail explanations on the sleights which I find very informative and the credits are very detail as well.

I would say reading this book will somehow make you creative or should I say "mind-stimulating". Each time when I try to read the new effects, my mind will come up something why shouldn't be done that way or how about applying this principle to another card effects and so fourth. In a nutshell, I highly recommended this book! Table of Contents: Foreword -- xiii Introduction to Volume 1 -- xv 1. Applications - My Review. Applications is a wonderful card magic book written by Peter Duffie. The materials are excellent and some of the effects are truly a beauty.

This is a wonderful book and don't miss this book. It covers not only card effects but also a few utility sleights which perhaps you may find them interesting. Some of the effects are quite technical demanding whereas there are some which I find not very difficult to do. All in all, most of the materials are excellent and very strong as well. Wednesday, November 5, Visiting a New Place It was a rather gloomy day and this morning I encountered a heavy rain while I was driving to school.

The traffic was extremely busy and I took almost 1 and a half-hour to reach my college. It was a normal lecture and learned a few new things today. After my class, my girlfriend and I, we went to Mid-Valley Megamall. I was overjoyed as this is my first time I drove car to reach there. At first, I was worried because I really didn't have the idea or the roadmap how to reach there. So, I would say today my driving was just merely using my instinct to reach that place. When I reached there, my girlfriend and I, firstly we dropped by MPH bookstore and it was a huge bookstore I ever seen in my life.

I think is much bigger than the Time Square Borders bookstore. After that, we went to have our lunch at the foodcourt. We ate chicken rice and after our lunch, we went back MPH bookstore again. I haven't visit The Gardens yet which I have been told that there is another Borders bookstore there. Well, I hope one fine day will pay a visit. This is my review that I posted at the "Magic Cafe" on 11 August This is Peter's excellent packet card trick ebook. This effect is inspired by John Bannon's Twisted Sisters. There are 5 pages and fully illustrated with colour photos.

I always love packet card trick simply because it can be carried in wallet, flexible etc. And this effect immediately added to my repetoire simply because the nature of this effect is very powerful which I believe in the ending part and it's very easy to perform. There is only one move involved in this effect. What you need is just to create a suitable patter if you wish and concentrate the presentation on this effect. Peter provided the patter as well. If you like a card trick in conjunction with mentalism, I believe you will simply love this packet trick. This ebook is on sales now and I understood that purchasing this ebook would get another free ebook, "Downfall" which I think the price is a "steal".

The reason is simply because "Downfall" is yet another excellent packet trick which based on Roy Walton's Cascade effect. For those of you who are familiar with Walton's packet trick "Cascade", I believe you will have the urge to find out Peter's handling in this effect. Peter's handling of "Downfall" is just awesome and the cards can be examined at the end of the trick. For Downfall, in this effect, Peter explained everything in great detail with the aid of colour photos showing the handlings. All in all, I highly recommended Peter's "Mental Deflect" and at the same time, you will get Downfall for free.

If you are looking great piece of card magic without using any complicated card sleights, "Mental Deflect" is for you. For those of you who favour great card magic, I am sure you will like "Downfall" as well. Tuesday, November 4, What a Day! I am glad today I managed to deliver my module's presentation this morning. The requirement is to do a presentation approximately 5 minutes and if I exceed the time, I would be penalised.

But to my surprise, I took about 2 minutes to complete my presentation and that was fast! I told my girlfriend to observe the time if I do the presentation exceed 4 minutes, then she has to give me a sign. To me, I thought I exceed the time limit but unfortunately, I couldn't see her clearly due to the reflection of the extreme lightings from the projector.

I am really happy today as the day has over which there were a huge croud at the auditorium this morning. I guess if there is another presentation which sets no time limit, I think I would do better and I can deliver my presentation in a relaxing manner. It couldn't be helped and the professor has to set the time limit was due to there were about 72 students in my batch. So I guess you can do the rest calculations if no time limit, I don't think the professor can meet the dateline of covering all of our course modules.

Well, I guess I can sleep well tonight. This is my review that I posted at the "Magic Cafe" on 17 January I went through Peter's "Kolor Killers" and tried out the routine. I would like to say that this is an excellent routine and another excellent approach to Roy Walton's Oil and Queens plot. I really love the ending climax and each of the phases. The reason is because the nature of this routine itself I can see will fry the spectators many times in the process with the great impact. A well-constructed routine. To be honest, the first time I watched Peter's performance at his site, firstly I thought and I told myself "I think Peter is going to separate the colours of the cards and I am sure at the end, he will produce the Queens.

And another bonus is that, the "cross" patter fits in nicely with the climax. I think this routine is flexible too, you can change your patter to suit you preference. Perhaps instead you use red-backed cards, you may use blue backed as a substitution and at the end, perhaps you change your patter to the "Queens turn angry" and at the end, you produce the red-backed Queens. Anything is possible. Another question I asked myself "Hey, so, what happened to those spot cards then? Perhaps you would like to check out Peter's "Laughing Queens" in his 7 ebook, another great version too.

As you can see, when I watch a magic show or clip, I always put my position as a layman perspective and based on my thoughts, I am sure this routine would play very well to laymen. While I was looking for a book on my bookshelf today, I saw Mark Wilson's "Complete Course in Magic" and I would like to say this book is very meaningful to me. I bought this book few months ago and this book is very thick.

But I think is worth of your money. Perhaps allow me to tell you a true story of mine which related to this book during my childhood time. Why did I say this book is very meaningful to me? The reason is because during my childhood time which was my birthday, my father presented me a very special present. What was it? Well, to my surprise, Mark Wilson's magic book Close-up magic - thin pages was my first special gift that I ever received.

I was extremely delighted that time which I can almost feel the feeling of overjoy now. The show closes with fluffy the rabbit doing his famous vanishing act - a trick that has won mr. On the left you are presented with a list of all the magical effects you can use to make a new spell. On the other hand, folks committed white magic carry out minimized or no wickedness white spells which is in harmony with the laws of the natural world.

Packed with magic and gags. Enrico de la vega a friend to willman and co-star of magic x television projects t. Never turn it to the side end on or the hidden coin will be. In fact, its use as a magical word only goes back to Having that many coins go through the table at once, who knows.

We're taking a look at the history behind the magic square in our most recent blog post about the number sequences featured on our puzzle. Gadget receives 3 free tickets from the lesser wambini to the magic show of the great wambini. In the learning phase, some easy tricks with coins act as a confidence booster and provide a great platform to learn other advanced tricks involved in magic. With a little practice and concentration, almost anyone can easily learn how to perform this trick.

The left hand pretends to hold the coin through the center of the handkerchief. The earliest written records of magic are found in the cuneiform incantation inscriptions which assyrian scribes in b. Spectators love card tricks with regular playing cards, because they look impossibly realistic.

Magic card tricks for beginners. With the egyptians use of the term magic. I still remember him visiting during summer holidays and working on magic tricks with me. During the trick, teller sets one small ball on top of each of three overturned cups. A sure-fire tactic is to win premium costume card packs, which usually come loaded with a class cards, is by taking part in the disney magical dice daily missions. I'm not against sleights, but when you can have, not just a few tricks, but a full arsenal of sleight-less magic for those situations where people are burning your hands, it gives you a confidence that you are ready for anything.

Just gather a few bills and coins and read our step-by-step instructions and you'll have some great tricks to perform for your family and friends. With this set of cards a variety of tricks are possible. Return the yo-yo to your hand. Check the purchase price magic tricks theresa giolzetti outdoor throw pillow east urban home and comparing. Ammar, which is surprising considering the relative importance of this sleight in performing a variety of card tricks. Cassie walked briskly toward the boy, arms stiff at her sides, her satchel full of books swinging from one hand like a bludgeon she might decide to use.

To convince everyone that the hands are not separated, the fingers are locked together. With all that in mind, here is a video of a weird trick you might like to try on your friends. For sure many viewers will love to see this man performing his magic tricks in person. Movement of the idea of a magic square before about ad.

Killer trick with killer reactions. Some choose to learn these tricks through watching youtube videos or attending shows of those who have more skill or experience. Practice this part plenty before you do this trick in front of your friends. Number tricks - magic tricks.

She uses illusions as diversion while she robs th eactual places while using an illusion of herself during her magic show to throw off suspiscion, though she is capable of creating fireballs to attack with, she commonly escapes through her top hat.

Listado de Trucos con Cartas, sus creadores y donde encontrarlos

What started as a single hand-made prototype has become a full-blown reputation maker that could easily be the only trick you do. There are a few smoke from hands magic tricks on sale and magic smoke version 2 is one of the very best. Joel showed us a couple of tricks to hasten the process. As a result, you won't need to redo this quest if you decide to acquire the gift of rune magic with her. In the "put a dollar in an orange magic trick," you borrow a dollar bill from an audience member and make the money appear to vanish from underneath a handkerchief.

Well, what if there was a book that shared magician's secrets with you and showed you how to do magic, too. For years, magicians worked with invisible thread and their hands only, meaning they had to be very precise in their movements for the magic tricks to appear flawless. Casting his magical spell, he uncovers the silk, and displays the egg has transformed into a cute live chick.

Whether it is disappearing blood using red themochromic pigment or simple playing cards that can change to a different card just by heating it up in your hands, we can supply the tricks that the famous magicians use. Shelley ambroz , practically magic photo mirror. Your post suggests that if a person doesn't have hands-on experience, that makes their advice invalid. Real magic spells for flying, with the help of this.

The telepathy card trick is another interesting type of the mental tricks. In joshua jay's book "magic: the complete course" he explains a trick that uses "science. It takes hard work and dedication to make something look effortless and frankly, magical. Black magic is the forceful manipulation of the channels of energy to satisfy your whims and to curse other people, black magic can be crafted in some measure from the same items used in natural magic, but can and usually does. You make magic happen by using water bottles, or playing cards, or coins, or rings, or any number of ordinary objects which are carried by average people.

Easy magic tricks will teach you magic tricks with cards and coins and will have you performing magic in minutes. Magic tricks by magic makers - become the magic. Vanishing a coin or blowing smoke out of your mouth isn't necessarily magical in and of themselves. Sometimes in extreme tricks involving transparent boxes, the artist uses people with their lower body missing. Black magic love spells are usually recommended for reconciliation purposes and ensuring that love lasts forever after reconciliation.

Seminar magically produce a giant wristwatch as i ask the question: "are you managing your time or is time managing you. Now that really would be a good trick. When all tricks have been played, the winner of the hand and the players' scores can be determined. Candle magic should always be. Magic has been around for decades. He eventually decides to consume the magic within the kingdom and use it to create a curse that will destroy the kingdom. This set includes a magic hat magic wand suitcase that doubles as a magician's table props the secrets of magic tricks book and instructional magic trick dvd starring magician ryan oakes.

But even then, with all the dramatic looks, and the magic, and the music, and the shock value, it is still just shock value. Moneys do magic top 10 animals react to magic tricks animals being tricked by magic tricks ,. For invitations, invite everyone to come for a "magical evening". The rabbit's turn to be eaten comes but he tricks the lion, teaching children that being smart is more important than being strong.

The belief and practice of using body parts for magical ritual or benefit is called muti. Last but not least, his tricks really are amazing. The cd goes inside penetrating the magic wand. When he fails to tries other tactics to remove the handcuffs, he and patti carry a bunch of material in a box to hide the handcuffs so that they don't get noticed with them on their wrists as they walk to the magic shop. On the astral plane there are lots of creatures we commonly don't understand, and many or all of these creatures can be considered magical. Magic rocks are available on the internet and are quite inexpensive, but you can make them yourself.

Generally, your patter establishes and maintains the speed of the magic trick. The knowledgeable movie people, however, were awed by his magic. Overall there is some good magic here but there were some funky problems. How can you trick a website into thinking your in windows when your in mac. By the age of 20, houdini had been performing small acts throughout new york, and soon joined a circus where he began to develop and perfect his escape tricks.

Fidget spinner trick,hack,and moods, thanks.

First, what the hell's a magic square. Today, it's time to examine the flip side of those heuristics and take a look at some of the most common misconceptions about magic finance. With this book as your tutor, you can master the world's best coin tricks. In fact, my youngest son was completely awed and insisted his big brother teach him this amazing, magic mind power. Next is the part of the trick that gives it its. Though some of the most famous tricks such as cutting a pretty woman in half and then, putting the two halves back together, seem to work at all points in time, most successful magicians around the world, always have their own ways to set themselves apart.

This is also the only magic learning dvd set that focuses on rope tricks. When movies make magic the intention is to fold you up inside of it, to make it real and complete. He is very similar to the coachman in the walt disney film with a rough hoarse voice and tricks pinocchio into being transformed into a donkey until he is rescued by the magic fairy. In addition to her magical abilities, kahlan was a master linguist, having mastered every major language of the midlands, as well as a majority of the minor ones.

And the last thing you want to do is turn the egg around, that's revealing the magic right there. If you have any love related issues or your enemies are troubling you or there are so many family dysfunctions then if you come to us then we will provide you our best service and we have best team of islamic black magic healers.

Also behind his back possibly in the label of his t-shirt he has another half sucked polo waiting in the wings. He received engineering and business administration degrees from the university of a karlsruhe, but with regular appearances on german television, pierro was making a decent living off of his tricks. So you could be in epcot, but make your reservation for magic kingdom.

Canada's Magic:

Ideally one pair is an old broken pair, as you will have to destroy a pair of headphones for this trick. Then cut each half into triangles. But, now since i have grown older, i have done some research into how the magicians are able to pull these tricks and have been able to find the solutions to some of these tricks. Most people would think my most impressive magic must be a big illusion. Learning the secret of special magic tricks: cutting a person in half.

I've seen tricks that i know every move but still really really enjoy it. I had fun making doctored cards to use in my tricks, so in i wrote and illustrated a self-published ebook called trick decks: how to hack playing cards for astounding magic. A local youth program in washington state is teaching kids how to perform magic tricks. No more heroes is a stage magician who fights travis at his show; before the fight, one of the two tricks he does involves cutting a woman in half —.

This is the most comprehensive collection of close-up magic tricks using ordinary objects calling for no special apparatus, gimmicks or advanced preparation. The combination of the magician being so confident and cocky and the trick being so obviously fake makes for great comedy. Trick in phrases like "up to your old tricks" refers to a habit or peculiarity of personality that is considered undesirable as often as not.

Basically, the simplest way to do a levitation trick shot is to just jump and take a photo at the same time. These shows can include card tricks and other close-up magic, as well as some stage illusions cutting people in half and such. For this one i do not have a counter video to prove the trick, but there are a couple of hints on how he possibly made this work. I ran a half marathon and wrote a book, not only to fulfill two of my lifelong dreams but also to teach you to never stop chasing your dreams. Featuring trick tips and articles by other young magicians. Cons: the vanishing bandanna trick is so easy and fun, there's little downside if you are looking for an amusing and easy to perform trick.

Children search for the ingredients for the magician's magic potion. Carl leek says that the 'simon cowell t-shirt trick' that wowed judges on last saturday's show was, in fact, a trick he performed at an earlier audition. One last trick dealing with z-index is one that deals with opacity. Right armpit, before you start the trick, so it will fall to the floor when you. Romney's redistribution magic trick is nothing new. It's a currently known fact that due to his high-level skill in light manipulation, and by extension — light-based magics, and his signature weapons — both of which were rumored to be created by an extremely powerful god of light, he's recognized all over as ".

What are some karate tricks.